Saturday, April 19, 2014

About Us

Jared Danford and Tim Gwaltney formed DANFORD | GWALTNEY BUILDERS in July of 2008.  Their goal is to provide clients with high quality work and products, as well as creative solutions in building and renovating.   Cutting-edge in professional experience and quality of work, DANFORD | GWALTNEY also helps clients tailor their home to best serve their lifestyle and to think responsibly about the overall impact of their building project for their family and neighborhood.   

About Jared 


Jared is a Nashville native who grew up in Davidson and Sumner County.  He attended David Lipscomb Elementary School and graduated from Davidson Academy in 1992.  Jared started and maintained a small home improvement business while attending the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.   

After returning to Nashville in 1997, he worked with William Andrews Contractor, initially as an assistant project manager, and later as the director of projects for homes ranging up to $15,000,000.  He helped Will develop his business with improved organizational systems, updated technology and the development of The Maintenance Company, L.L.C.    In his 11 years with William Andrews,  he was exposed to a unique area of the construction industry and learned the time-proven techniques of residential construction.   Jared worked with renowned architects like Bobby McAlpine which taught him to meet incredibly high expectations while still working within strict budgets.   

Jared, drawn to projects of  modest square footage and cost which were still uncompromising in attention to detail, started DANFORD | GWALTNEY BUILDERS, L.L.C. as a way to expand on this interest.  With the expertise he gained at William Andrews Contractor, Jared offers a practiced eye and innovative solutions to homebuilding families who value functionality and livability as well as sophistication of design and craftsmanship.   Jared focuses on the business development and quality control of the projects while working with the families, architects, and designers to meet their expectations.

Jared and Jill married in 2001 and have a full house: one son, Watson, three and a half; and two Weimaraners, Landry and Maggie. Jill an OB/GYN chief resident at Vanderbilt University where she will continue her training for another three years in a surgical fellowship specializing in Urogynogology.   They live in Hillsboro Village in a home Jared renovated in 2004 and spend lots of time walking, running and playing in the local parks with Watson.  

About Tim

Tim was born and raised in Williamson County.  He attended Brentwood Academy and David Lipscomb High School.  Tim graduated from David Lipscomb University where he majored in chemistry and minored in biology and business.  He then spent several years selling industrial chemicals, as well as partnering in an automotive repair business.  Meanwhile, he pursued a growing interest in building, learning the basics of remodelling: carpentry, laying tile, and other do-it-yourself skills.  Tim spent several years working with various trades, gaining a familiarity with the day-to-day nitty gritty of the construction process.

When Tim realized that his interest in construction went beyond small projects, he and Jared began to envision forming a company that would use their business and building acumen to provide thoughtful, high-quality home renovation.  Tim oversees the projects from the field  and manages D|G RESIDENTIAL SERVICES  .

Tim and his wife Jennifer live in Brentwood with their daughter Kyler and son Kade .  He enjoys coaching Kyler's softball team and watching Kade learn to play hockey.  Jennifer, who played college basketball, works as a teacher in Williamson County schools an assistant basketball coach and keeps up with the kids' busy schedules.  Tim is an avid hunter and enjoys tinkering with cars and house projects in his spare time.  Tim and Jennifer are active in their church’s children’s program.